How to identify the quality of 108 grams of inkjet paper?

How to identify the quality of 108 grams of inkjet paper?

2023-06-28 06:20

1.From the perspective of paper base quality: from the density, whiteness, uniformity, smoothness, and tightness of the paper base; Compare the stiffness, elongation, strength, and water absorption of the paper base. Usually, the paper base has high density, high whiteness, good uniformity, smoothness, and good tightness and stiffness.

2. From the printing surface of the paper, it can be seen whether the paper coating is uniform, whether there is leakage coating, whether there are small black spots, and whether the gloss is consistent. Usually, the paper coating is uniform, no leakage coating, no small black spots, and has the same luster. Colored spray paper is a good piece of paper.

3.From the perspective of printing effect, it refers to the color restoration of printed images. Saturation. The degree of brightness and realism. Supports resolution levels. Is the ink drying quickly. Waterproof, photo storage time, etc. The color restoration of usually printed images. The higher the saturation. The higher the clarity of the image. Ink drying. Waterproof and long-lasting photo paper is a great color spray paper.

As a type of photo paper, 108g color inkjet paper has a wide range of uses in many fields, so many people have experience in purchasing color inkjet paper. Because there are many brands of color inkjet paper, many people are troubled by the following questions when purchasing: which brand of color inkjet paper is good, how to identify the quality of color inkjet paper. We hope that through this article's introduction to the judging team, it can bring some help to your future purchase.

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