What factors will affect the quality of photo paper?

What factors will affect the quality of photo paper?

2023-06-28 06:22

For high gloss photo paper, there are many ways to determine its quality, among which three points can be identified: high gloss, shadow area, and color saturation. Let's get to know each other in detail.

1. Highlights

The white and bright spots of the scenery should be displayed on neutral, low density points in high gloss paper photos. The original details of the scenery in these areas should also be restored and displayed in the photos, and can be recognized.

2. Shaded area

Dark or high-density areas should be neutral and colorless, with a density slightly lower than the corresponding level of detail in the original scene. In addition to exposure, it is also influenced by the overall density, color, and contrast adjustment of the photo. In addition, the preservation of materials and photos, liquid contamination, improper bleaching, and shadows also have an impact on the performance of shaded areas.

3. Color saturation

The color concentration should make people feel fresh, transparent, and not cloudy. Reasonably speaking, if the color of the original scene is accurately restored, the photo will not be dull. Improper development, bleaching, fixation, and liquid contamination can reduce the color saturation of the photo.

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