What are the differences between high gloss photo paper and RC photo paper?

What are the differences between high gloss photo paper and RC photo paper?

2023-06-28 06:19

Have you ever known about high gloss photo paper? It is often used in our daily lives and has many advantages. Compared to ordinary types of PVC hard sheets and PP synthetic paper, it is thicker, has a high smoothness, and has a better overall effect. Therefore, it is widely used in many scenarios. So do you know how it differs from RC photo paper? The manufacturer has summarized for everyone, let's take a closer look.

1. Both high gloss paper and RC paper use processes such as plastic coating, and from the perspective of the substrate, there is basically no significant difference between the two.

2. From the perspective of glossiness, the glossiness of RC high gloss photo paper is rarely affected by external factors, as it mainly uses resin materials, resulting in better results. However, the glossiness of high gloss photo paper is influenced by factors such as casting cylinder glossiness, temperature, pressure, etc.

3. High gloss photo paper is made by using a multi-stage extrusion coating machine that undergoes three to four wet coatings. Its production technology extends to many countries and regions, while the latter's production technology is not widely used.

4. The color, anti drying degree, and usage of the two types of photo paper are not significantly different, so users can choose according to their needs.

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